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When first installing a carpet, you’re excited: it brings your living room together, it’s clean, fresh and adds texture to your floors.

But, soon enough, life starts to happen: accidents, bad maintenance and everyday occurrences, slowly but surely, transform your soft wonderland into a dull looking floor.

You may clean it the best you can, but how do you know if it’s back to its natural state? The signs that your carpet needs a professional revival are all there. If you think you may be missing them, don’t worry! Here we’ll point them out for you!

1. A Discolored Carpet

It has happened to us all: you place a heavy piece of furniture in a corner over your carpeted floors and months later, when moving it to clean behind it, you find that your carpet has lost all the shine it once had. The loss of color in a carpet is a clear sign that a professional clean is in your future!

2. Odor Coming From the Carpet

Sometimes, when living or working in the same place for a while, you start to get used to the smells a room has and may not even notice that your carpet stinks. Furthermore, If you have pets inside your house, chances are that your carpet doesn’t smell like a bed of roses. From time to time, a deep clean is needed to make sure you’re not making a bad-smell first impression in visitors.

3. A Stain Filled Carpet

The most common of the carpet problems: stains! The thing is that stains can become one with your carpet and seem impossible to remove. After a while, you may even start to think that those odd looking spots are just part of the carpet’s design! If you wash and wash but can’t seem to get them out, it’s time to call experts to make your household or office clean again.

4. Water Damage

Humidity, a flood or water leakage can create big problems with your carpet. Not only can they ruin the texture, cause stains and emanate a horrid smell, but, with time, it can be the start of a silent hazard called carpet mold, which can jeopardize your family’s or co-worker's health. Be sure to professionally clean your carpet to eliminate the possibility of this happening to you!

So there you have it! Make sure to check for these signs in your carpeted areas. Remember that a carpet can make or break your office’s or home’s overall look so if you need assistance, call your Tidewater Cleanpro Professional. We’re more than happy to help with your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs with a method that’s safe for your health and environmentally friendly.

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